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holidays and work
 Why must students be subjected to the pain of work over the holiday period? Is it not bad enough that whilst we are within the education establishments, our evenings, and weekends, are not truely for relaxation? Let alone lunch time for actually eating food.


In other news, I hope everyone had a lovely christmas/ excuse of a holiday for giving one another presents (as it has now become) and that you didn't kill any family members whilst you were at it. :P

so hi...
Right, I created this account ages ago as a place to rant to myself. Now I couldn't care less who sees what I post - frankly I no longer give a shit. This will be a ranting journal posting, to those who find it, my musings of varying emotions. Mostly because I know that the people in my life won't find this and so they won't have to be burdened with my thoughts.

For now I only need to say that living with ones grandmother for over 3 months has proceeded to drive me insane, have a nice day.
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summer time...
So, summer is great and all, but what has happened to good old decency?

Do some people honestly not see how ridiculous they look when wearing bikinis around town, which ride up their asses as an added bonus, and basically look like they are walking around in underwear. Then there are those shirtless idiots who are clearly burnt as hell and not doing anything to redeem the life of their skin. Everyone's skin just screams out *I will have skin cancer!!!*

Gah. Irritating twats. Don't even get me started on pointless days of school where lessons get cancelled to the point where there is NO NEED to even come in. Then the lessons of course end up being pointless as shit because no one can actually be bothered to do any work, remind me again why the education system works like this?

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

Cats. I still love dogs it's just that i prefer not having to pick up the poop.

Illness and schoolwork
So, sitting home alone with a laptop and a pile of studies doesn't really bode well for the studies actually getting done. To be honest, studying is just so blooming time consuming and boring as hell when everything that you need to know is in block text or is knowing how to write the perfect essay for an examiner. Pain in the derier if you ask me and also no longer fun to learn.

However, some subjects are easier than most to get the hang of if you have a knack for them. For me that would consist of maths, economics and partially history. BUT English literature, oh good god shoot me please. You write one essay, it isn't good enough. So you write another hoping that you've edited it correctly and done exactly what the AO boxes want from you, no. Still not right. So you try again. And again, again, again.......screw it why do i even bother anymore?!!!!? Oh yes, that university i want to get into likes English literature, bastards. 

Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?
Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

Tend to lean in favour cats but dogs are great too. I prefer cats mostly because you can curl up on a chair with them (most will fit in your lap except for those anomalies of insanely huge cats which are bigger than dogs..), i suppose you could do this with dogs too. Ah crud i like both, they have qualities of good and bad. E.g. you can take dogs to the park and play around with them but hell i don't want to pick up dog poop, cats are great cause you could spend hours with them on the sofa, but they like to disappear for most of the day usually which can be annoying.
I wouldn't mind at all what a roommate/partner preferred pet-wise, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as they don't shove it down everyone else's throats.

moments of revelation
Who exactly do you write to when writing in a journal? I mean you could say "Dear Journal" but then that would mean that your journal has suddenly changed from an inanimate object into a human being or maybe just an unknown entity which is capable of thought? But then, its more like writing to yourself, although currently im just writing as if a large group of people actually give a damn about what im going on about. Maybe somebody might understand where exactly I'm coming from or somebody might just think that this is some idiot just being dumb for over thinking the matter of WHO AM I WRITING TO?!?!

Anyway. Whilst lying here sick as a dodo, I've realized that not only have i done none of my school work (and its just sitting in my bag taunting me) i have no hobbies. I don't seem to do anything expect go on the internet, go to school and do school work in general, read, listen to music and other little things that are of no importance. There is no sense of accomplishment in anything anymore. I don't know what to do, its as if im floating along and whichever direction i go in i pull myself back before i get in too deep.

ugh that's enough self pity for the hour.


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